21 ways to save money and the planet

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It has been a rough couple of months for all of us and I have been trying to find ways to save money longterm as well as leave a smaller footprint on the earth. We live in a buy and toss society where we have everything we want and keep wanting more. In this crisis, we have seen what happens when the earth gets time to heal and I think it’s important to bring that with us into the future. I am also trying to change my mindset when it comes to money by budgeting and setting financial goals.

Here is a list of 21 small but valuable ways to save money and the planet.

21 ways to save money and the planet

1. Rent clothes or buy used

We have all been there, where we have bought an outfit or a dress that we have used only once and is now hanging in the closet collecting dust. Instead of buying a dress for a wedding or a special occasion, try renting clothes from different brands. There are many agencies that will let you borrow their clothes for more publicity as well as pages where you are able to rent clothes. Another way could be to buy a used outfit from someone.

2. Try a diva cup

As a woman, we have to use a lot of money on feminine products. Instead of wasting money on tampons, try using a reusable cup. They are supposed to be healthier for your body as well as better for the environment.

3. Get an epilator

Razors and shaving cream are annoyingly expensive. Instead of spending money on that, invest in an epilator, or try waxing. Both of these methods allow you to go longer before the hair grows back out which in the long run will save you money. An epilator will last you for several years.

4. Get an electric toothbrush

Plastic is a problem in our society. We use plastic for everything, with no regard for our environment. Changing to a wooden toothbrush is better than plastic, but if you change to an electric toothbrush you will save money in the long run because you won’t have to change it out as often.

5. Buy reusable pads

It’s important to take care of the skin, but instead of using makeup wipes and pads that you throw out after one use, try investing in reusable pads. They don’t cost all that much and you can throw them in the laundry with the rest of your clothes.

6. Instant coffee / French press

Coffee filters and coffee pods are both expensive and not good for the environment. By using instant coffee or a french press you would save money and take care of the environment.

7. Dont buy uncomfortable shoes

I am sure we have all been there, where we have found some super cute shoes, spent a lot of money, and realized after wearing them a night out that they are hell on earth to wear. Just don’t buy them! Invest in shoes you know you will wear over and over again.

8. Phone cases

Instead of using your phone as an accessory, invest in a timeless phone case that protects your phone, instead of buying many different ones. Its a waste of money.

9. Minimize your makeup

It’s very easy to fall for makeup trends you see on social media but unless you are a professional you don’t need a million different eyeshadows or foundations. Stick to what you use and don’t buy new until you have finished what you have. Excess makeup usually leads to it getting old and you having to throw out anyway.

10. Don’t buy ‘just in case’

Sometimes it can feel like a good argument to buy something, just in case. But the reality is that you most likely won’t need it, and if you need it you can borrow it from someone or buy it when the situation occurs. This might be from tools to notebooks to anything else excessive that you could need at some point. In the end, 90% of the time you won’t need it.

11. Stop using paper towels

Paper towels is a waste and bad for the environment. Use cloths instead. They work the same way and if it is dirty you can throw it in the wash.

12. Use a reusable bag

As I have mentioned, plastic is a huge liability to our planet. In Norway, we have to pay for plastic bags at the grocery store so to save money and the planet, bring your own bag with you.

13. Invest in quality fashion

I have to say that I am guilty of using fast fashion more often than I would like. But instead of buying something that most likely will get ruined in the wash or worn out very quickly, invest in clothes that are timeless and will last a lifetime.

14. Excess Laundry Products

There is a lot of product out there for laundry and not everything is healthy for your own health or the environment. Stick to detergents and stain remover and if you want to remove the smell, use apple cider vinegar in the wash.

15. Stay away from trendy items

Trends will change seasonally and sometimes even quicker. Don’t fall for it. Buy clothes and things that you know you will use longterm instead of buying excess items that will end up just taking place in your house.

16. Invest in a reusable bottle

I am blessed to be living in Norway where I can drink fresh water straight from the tap, but living in the US I found the water situation very difficult. But by investing in a good water filter and a reusable bottle you will be able to save money in the long run and save the planet.

17. Don’t buy sales items

Listen, unless you have been looking for that item and been waiting to get a good deal, you most likely don’t need it. We are constantly brainwashed into thinking we need stuff just because its on sale. It’s like that sale sign is a trigger for us to buy and spend money. But trust me you don’t need it.

18. Invest in your jewelry

Like the saying “Not all that shines is gold”, buying fake accessories is not worth it. If you wear it enough your skin will turn green and you will end up not using it. Instead, invest in some beautiful pieces that you can use for the rest of your life and one day pass down to your kids.

19. Seasonal decor and candles

Personally I only use seasonal decor for Christmas. Its something special and it means something to me because of how we used to spend Christmas when I was a child. But, all I need is a tree and some lights. If you are on a budget, spending money on seasonal decor is a big waste and takes up unnecessary storage. Keep it to a minimum.

Candles with fragrance are actually very harmful to your health so stick to a couple of natural candles in the wintertime to set the mood.

20. Cut down on subscriptions

Although Netflix might not be that expensive, the subscriptions add up at the end of the year. You don’t need all the different streaming channels and tv. Stick to one at the time.

21. Impulse buys

Instead of buying things on impulse, make a list of things that you really want and need. Then do some research to find the best product in your price range. This way you won’t buy on impulse and by knowing which product is the best you can invest in something that will last you a long time and you don’t have to spend that money again.

Do you find these tips valuable? Would you implement some of them into your own life? Leave a comment below to discuss.

Susn xo

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