5 ways to style a silk-scarf this season

Here is 5 ways to style a silk-scarf this season and why you need one! It’s such a simple yet chic way to enhance any outfit, and you can find your own way to use it to fit you personal style. It comes in so many different colors and prints and can make any outfit stand out and pop.

Silk scarf from NA-KD Fashion

When I was in Oslo, I used it as a head scarf and it made my monochrome outfit look amazing. I was a bit unsure about it, but decided to go for it and I felt like a whole snack walking around town. I even got a few compliments for my outfit on the street. And it was as simple as wearing a scarf.

Silk-scarf is a must

The silk scarf has been a popular fashion statement in many cultures throughout the years, and it seems to never fully go out of style. Personally I often associate it with older ladies, and flight attendants, but I love that more and more people are choosing this simple little accessory today. I for one, totally get this trend! and give it a 10/10.

I never thought I was a silk-scarf kind of girl until I got this and started experimenting in ways to incorporate it into my wardrobe. And I am officially going to be investing in many more, in different colors. I will be wearing it all summer as soon as winter decide its over.

This silk scarf is from NA-KD Fashion, but has sold out! Here is a similar on.

5 ways to style a silk-scarf this season

In this video you can see 5 ways you can style it, but there are many many more. My favorite is wearing it as a headscarf and through the neckless (as shown in the video) making it a cute top.

Which are your favorites?

Susn XO

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