A Covid Easter Weekend

It was a Covid Easter Weekend well spent!I can’t say that I celebrate many holidays except for Christmas, but I do appreciate a few days off from work to recharge and spend the day however I please. With or without having to shower first! This long Easter weekend has been spent with a wildly inappropriate amount of hours watching Netflix, but I have also gotten a few things done and found some inspiration.

I have decided to do the 75 Hard challenge, which sounds pretty easy but is supposed to be a very challenging mental challenge. The challenge has 5 rules :

The 75 Hard Challenge

  1. Follow a diet
  2. Work out 2 x 45 mins (one has to be outside)
  3. Drink a gallon of water
  4. Read 10 pages of a non fiction book
  5. Take a progress photo every day

I tried to do this challenge in November but because of the weather I kind of gave up. It was also because of Christmas and food and candy, you get it. However now that it is supposed to be spring ( it is currently a snow storm outside), and “hot girl summer” is upon us, I figured it was a good time to start.

I am currently on Day 2, and I have already ready about 100 pages, following my diet and drinking tons of water. It is a little challenging to feel that I am getting the most out of my workouts since I have to do it at home, but I do put in the work. I know it will take time before I start seeing any real changes in the body, but I am committed.

Would you do this challenge?

I am reading this amazing book called Atomic Habits and it goes really well with this challenge, as I am learning to implement better habits and get rid of some of my less productive habits. Although I have heard a lot of these things before (I recently did UPW with Tony Robins), I feel this book gives an in depth look at it and how to actually incorporate it long term. I highly recommend this book!

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Easter Fun

So as I mentioned, I haven’t done much this weekend. I feel that every time I get a day off I have so much pent up creativity that needs to be addressed that I don’t really get a moment to relax. I am grateful for having a job where I have somewhere I need to go, and a reason to look cute. Blessed, Booked and Busy I know, but some days you just need that little break where you don’t have to put on makeup or even look in the mirror. (I apologize to those who have been under much stricter restrictions then I have the last year).

On a cheerful note, I have gotten a collaboration with Safira, a Swedish jewelry brand with an exquisite selection of everything from earrings, ear cuffs, rings and necklaces. I am excited to work with them and hope you will like them too. And as always I do have a code for you to get 15 % discount on your whole order, ‘SAF32635’. Even though we are in lockdown it is nice to have some things to be excited about, even if its just a pair of new earrings. Also check out some of my favorite fashion styles here.

So how was your Covid Easter weekend? Did you go anywhere or stay home?

Susn xo

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