Chasing Summer with HKM

Chasing Summer

Forever Chasing Summer with HKM. I wish I could travel the world right now and not have to stay in one place, I wish I could fly to a foreign place and experience new cultures and different foods. I wish I could lay on the beach feeling the sand on my feet and the sun on my skin while smelling the salty ocean and eating watermelon. I wish I was somewhere I am not.

Summer in Norway is never really warm, but I would be lying if I said I don’t still enjoy it. Norway is magic in the summer, the sun never setting, the fresh clean air, the regal mountains, and vast oceans. There is a beauty to it that is hard to replicate. If only it was twice as warm, it would be near perfect.

I hope we all can start traveling again soon, but until then I will be chasing summer in Norway. Exploring different areas and visit some places I havent seen before. That is my mission!

Bikini from Hunkemöller

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Luckily I got my swimwear sorted from Hunkemöller ! This Lilac bikini is so perfect, in both color and fit. You should check out some of their other styles as well from the ‘Chasing Summer” Collection. You can use the code ‘BBHKMXSUN’ for 15 % off your order.

Where do you wanna spend your summer this year?

Susn xo

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