Don’t fall for the Dropshipping/ Ambassador Scam

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen, I am sure some of you have a dream of being able to make money online and on your social media. I know that a lot of young people want that, and I totally understand that. I spend a lot of time and energy into my photos and my social media, so at one point the goal is to make money off it. That’s the dream job for sure right? To be able to travel and make money on the go. Every millennial’s dream!

When that said, this topic is a topic that I have wanted to discuss for the last 2 years. And that is the drop shipping/ambassador scam! A few years ago I set up a dropshipping business myself, to see how it works. It is very easy, you are basically creating a webpage that becomes the link between a consumer and a manufacturer. The problem with this business is that you pick out random products, copy it onto your page, and advertise it. When you buy from this page the page owner gets the profit between what it cost and what the page is selling it for.

Example: Say the product from the manufacturer costs $10, the page owner sells it for $100, the page owner gets a $90 profit in their pocket. Without knowing where its made, who makes the product, what the quality is, and how long it will take to get to the customer.

This is an amazing money-making business, absolutely. However, what pisses me off about this is the countless DM’s about becoming an ambassador for these brands. I sometimes indulge and ask what they have to offer, this is usually the response;

We will give you a 40% lifetime discount, a promo code of 20% to give to your followers and we will post you on our social media platforms”

So if we take the example above, I will receive a 40% discount paying $60 for a product. The page owner is still making $50 on that transaction without doing anything. So I am paying for a product, then I am expected to put in the time to shoot content for this brand FOR FREE, then give my followers a promo code that will give the page owner even more revenue. This is a scam!

They send out these DM’s to make you feel special like they just have to work with you, but if you do your research you will see 100 different ambassadors, and they have probably sent the same DM to 1000 different people to see who bites. Don’t bite! I have responded with very detailed answers to several different brands who have given me these ridiculous offers, and have found that very often it is a bot sending out these Dm’s.

You are basically paying to do their marketing, their content, and you are paying for the product. You are not getting anything back from doing this, you are just another customer. It’s a waste of time and money, plus the products are usually not very good. Don’t put your name behind something that is of bad quality.

Working with brands

Being on social media you have to pay your dues just like in any other form of career, so it is okay to work for “free”. This meaning that you get products for free and then create content for them. This way it’s a collaboration where both parts get something out of it! It is also a great way to build trust with a brand and as you grow and develop they might reach out to work with you more because you provide quality content.

Promo codes are a great thing to be able to give your followers when it is a mutual collaboration. If it is a quality product you think others will have use for, share that shit! It is also a way for you to make money, and for the brand to see how well the collaboration is going.

Also if you are a real ambassador it means you are the face of a company. Do you think any of the celebrities being ambassadors accept a 40% discount and to work for free? No honey and neither should you!


Don’t fall for the hype with these fake ambassador programs. Research how to get in contact with quality brands. Make a media kit, learn to accept rejection, and keep doing your thing. If you want this to be your career, and your name is a brand, be careful and considerate when you put your name behind something. Find brands that have similar values to you, and treat this as a real job.

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Susn xo

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