A different kind of Halloween

It is a different kind of Halloween this year, just like everything else is different I guess. First of all, it is different because of the pandemic, and the world turning into a real-life thriller. It is also different because suddenly Halloween has become an international celebration and it’s a thing here in Norway too.

I remember when I was young and we tried to beg people for candy and nobody cared, and we were too chicken shit to do anything than walk away in silence. People would look at us like we were stupid and we could barely collect any candy, least of all enough to share among us. I should point out that I live in Norway and although Halloween comes from an old pagan ritual, it wasn’t something that has been celebrated much since. At least not until the 20th century.

I have celebrated Halloween in both the US and Australia, but except for the extra spooky vibes and munching on horror movies, it’s not much different than a big ol’ costume party for grown-ups. And what’s not to love about that?

This year, I spent Halloween in my bed eating candy I bought, watching rom coms. Mostly because I have watched all the true crime shows and documentaries worth watching on Netflix, and did not feel like waking up in the middle of the night because of nightmares from a rather bad production of a so called horror movie. (I did wake up again though when my kind roommates decided to come home drunk and act as they lived there alone. But that’s for another time).

I woke up Sunday morning and felt the inspiration boiling over. I have also gotten a new lens for my camera which I had to test out, so it was only natural to spend the day getting dressed up like it was Halloween.

A different kind of Halloween costume – Harley Quinn

Say Hello to Susn Quinn. My new alter ego.

A different kind of Halloween at home

Also did a recreation of Gwen Stefani because she’s like to dopest female artists from the ’90s, at least with the dopest style!

No Hollaback girl!
a different kind of Halloween costume – Gwen Stefani

I have to admit I could have put on another top for the Harley Quinn photos, but I was too lazy. It’s Sunday after all. But it’s basically just in the hair and makeup which makes these looks so easy to recreate if you want to try them yourself.

What do you think? Which is your favorite look?

Susn xo

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