Favorite Skincare for Spring

Let me tell you about my favorite skincare for Spring. I am a serious skincare enthusiast and I love to try new things. I also don’t believe that you have to keep using the same thing over and over again to have great results. I am absolutely not an expert, but I have found that my skin need different things depending on the weather, my cycle and my diet. I try to use as natural and organic products as I can and this series from La Provencale Bio is exactly what my skin needs now in the spring time. Usually my skin is very argumentative in the winter, especially when I am in Norway. Lets just face it (pun intended), my whole soul and being prefer a more tropical environment over this freezing cold.

Cream of Youth & Oil of Youth

The Oil of Youth melts into your skin and when you wake up your skin is glowing. I can truly see and feel the difference when I use it. It also has anti-aging properties and your girl is getting older so anti-age is always a good thing. If you have a foundation which is a little dry in the cold weather you can mix a drop of the oil into it and you will have a hydrating and glowey foundation.

The Cream of Youth has a great consistency and feels great on the skin. They smell like you’ve just gotten a facial treatment at a spa. So natural and lovely. The products are made with organic ingredients and organic olive oil, and that is a huge bonus in my eyes. As natural and organic as possible is always better for the skin and body.

You can now buy this skincare at Vita.no

What is you favorite skincare for Spring? Do you use the same all year round?

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