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Last year I decided to go all-in on my Instagram and see how far I could take it. I know the word influencer has kind of a stigma to it, which is why a lot of people are now calling themselves Content Creators. And I think that is a much more suitable term for it. I went to a photography retreat last September in Canada, I brought my old Sony camera which I never knew how to shoot in Manual, and had the most amazing time of my life.

When I came home from Canada, I knew that I had finally found something I loved which combined my love for modeling and my love for creating. It seems like everything has been leading up to this to be honest because I have always loved being in charge of the outcome, which is why I sometimes struggle to work with other photographers where I have little to no say in the outcome of what we create. I want to be apart of the whole process.

So naturally, I started practicing on myself with self-timer and whatever other tools I could find to take photos of myself. When Covid hit I had a lot of time to focus on this and brands started reaching out. Suddenly I got the confidence to reach out to brands myself as well and I have worked with so many amazing people and every day my photos and my aesthetic get a little bit better. I have only been working as a content creator for brands since May and things have been developing really quickly.

In October, Dior contacted me and wanted to work with me which is by far the biggest brand I have worked with to date. I love Dior and to me, that was a huge confirmation that I am doing something right. You gotta remember, I have only 4K followers, so I am a small account in a big sea of influencers and content creators. I am so humbled and grateful to be doing what I love and I know that all the work I put in will be rewarded really soon.

When I got the package from Dior I have to say that I was equally excited about the box it came in as the products inside.

If you come across this blog post I hope you find your way to my IG as well. @iamsusndybvik

Susn xo

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