Mimis Skincare Products

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I am obsessed with good skincare products. This is funny because up until a few years ago I was the girl who just water and a day creme. Now my bathroom cabinet looks like a counter in a beauty shop. And my newest obsession is Mimis Skincare Products.

Mimis Skincare Products

It is probably most likely because I am getting older and see the importance of taking care of my skin as well as my body. I can see myself aging, although people still think I am in my early 20s. But I mean, who doesn’t wanna stay forever young?

I was lucky enough to be able to work with a Norwegian skincare brand called Mimis which is a vegan skincare line with only natural ingredients, no GMO, and is a sustainable company. They even sell B-products for a lower price to not have to throw it away. Which I personally think is amazing.

Mimis Skincare Products

I have been using these products for a while now and love how they work on my skin. It truly feels like I am feeding my skin with nutrition. I went through an adjustment period right after coming home from the US and my skin was being problematic. After using Mimis skincare products I feel it has balanced out my hormonal acne.

Check them out if you want to try some really good products! You can use my code Iamsusndybvik15 and get a discount on your order.

Susn xo

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