My 5 favorite trends for winter

Winter is coming and here are my top 5 favorite trends for this season. Which is your favorite?

The Faux Fur Coat

Can never go wrong with an oversized faux fur coat. It is glamorous and keeps you warm in the winter cold. Mine was thrifted at goodwill in the US and is one of my favorite jackets. Although it is not a jacket I feel confident enough to wear every day yet, but it will be worn a lot when the snow comes.

The Bold Checkers

I love this jacket and the bold checkers is here to stay. When I saw this jacket I pictured myself on a roadtrip through Arizona US taking photos. I knew it would be a dope addition to my closet and a piece I will appreciate for a long time, not just because it is trendy right now.

The Cozy Cardigan

Who doesn’t love a good cardigan for winter. It is perfect to throw over anything and it looks cute no matter how you style it. Personally I will wear a knitted cardigan over a knitted sweater on any cold days. I am a cold person (with a warm heart), so layering is a must for me! I have been wearing this cardigan on the daily either at work, on my way to work or at home (right now) in my sweats.

Perfect cozy cardigan

The Puff Sleeve

Want a statement piece? Get you a dress with puff sleeves. It is loud and bold and just amazing. Personally I am still looking for that perfect dress, and I will let you know when I find it. But be warned, this piece is for the brave.

The Shearling Jacket

Another favorite Jacket this season is the Shearling jacket. Comes in different kinds with leather and just like the one below. I love it, It looks cute and its warm and nice. I also wear it underneath my parkas when the weather is just a little too chilly. Like I said, I am a frosty person!

So there you have it, my 5 favorite trends for winter at this moment.

What is your favorite trend this winter?

Susn xo

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