One thing that has completely changed this last year, is my style. I have always had my own style, but with very neutral colors. Whenever I have bought colors in the past I have always struggled to style them, and now my closet is filled with bright colors and prints. I have always hated purple, yet now I have A LOT of purples, well it’s more lilac, but still.

The easiest way to style colors or prints are to use it as the main attraction with neutral colors to match it. Or you can go completly crazy and match several bright colors with each other. You can even match prints, but then you have to make sure that one print is the main character and the other the supporting character.

One of my favorite jeans at the moment are these Zebra jeans from NA-KD.

Zebra printed Jeans from NA-KD

For some reason, Zebra print has become my favorite print. I did try the cow print but I didnt like it as much. The Zebra is more elegant in a way.

It is clear that fashion come and go, and summertime is definitely my favorite time to update my wardrobe! For more spring styles, please check out my Instagram.

What is your favorite Spring style this year? Are you trying out something new?

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