Summer Vacation Essentials

It’s summertime, and although we might not be traveling far this year, I put together some summer vacation essentials. Everyone is looking forward to getting back out and travel and even if it’s only in your home country these essentials are still valid.


Sunscreen is the most important thing you will need every day and especially when you will be spending your vacation days in the sun. This EltaMD Sunscreen and moisturizer are amazing for your face. It is lightweight and high on SPF, and also includes hyaluronic acid which will help with moisture retention and diminish fine lines.

Elta MD UV daily


Skincare is always important but the more time you spend in the sun the more important it becomes. Not only is it important to prep the skin, but it is also important with aftercare. The best on the market at the moment is Burt’s Bees Aloe and Coconut After Sun Soother. This will help the skin heal faster, especially after getting a burn and retain moisture in the skin. It is also a natural product which is always a plus in my book!

Burt’s Bees Aloe & Coconut Oil

Polaroid Camera / Film Camera

What better time to dust off the old polaroid than when you’re on holiday. I feel that film and polaroid get forgotten sometimes, but holiday photos come out so nice when taken with an old school camera. It is also a fun way to memorialize your vacation and put them right in a scrapbook or on the wall. My favorite is FujiFilm sQ6 because of its beautiful design and the size of the photos. If you would rather get a disposable camera Fuji has some good options there too. So does Kodac! There are many places that will develop your film, you will just have to research where in your hometown. This is absolutely a summer vacation essential!

Intax SQ6

Summer dress

Summer is the season for wearing dresses. When you’re packing to go on holiday you want to pack light, so choose dresses you can wear both for daytime and nighttime. My favorite as mentioned before is a cute baby doll dress. It is the most flattering on any body shape as well as being comfortable. Like this one from

If you use the code ‘DYBVIK’ you will get a discount at Bubbleroom


I always pack way too many pairs of shoes, but the best thing to do is to bring a pair of sneakers that you can walk around sightseeing in, and a pair of sandals you can wear to the beach and dress up for an evening out. If you want heels I would recommend comfortable wedges or anything that is comfortable. I have many times brought high heels with me and regretted it. After spending the whole day in the sun I am too exhausted to put up some uncomfortable heels to wobble around for the rest of the night. Choose comfort, you won’t regret it.

These are from H&M

A hat

Accessories that are not only cute with summer looks, but also functional. Protecting your face and hair from the sun is important and can prevent sunstroke and protect your skin from aging. I would bring a hat I could wear with my outfits as well as on the beach. Whether it is a bucket hat or a straw hat, that is up to your personal style.

Use the code ‘DYBVIK’ to get a discount on this hat at

The Jacket

Depending on where you go this year, chances are it might get cold at night. My favorite summer jacket is the denim jacket. I have had mine for many years and its a go-to on cool summer nights. The denim jacket can be worn with anything(!!). Its so easy to style and makes every outfit look good.

Denim Jacket

The Bikini

The most important part of a vacation, the bikini/swimsuit. My favorite brands are Stone Fox Swim & Toast Swim both from Canada. Their swimwear fits perfectly and has super cute cuts and prints. They are also environmentally aware and sustainable. They also do what they can to be ethical when it comes to production and manufacturing.

Stone Fox Swim

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful summer this year.

Susn xo

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