Sunday Diary – April 11th 2021

Sunday Diary – April 11th 2021.

How are you? Are you doing well? Are you checking in with yourself and not just focusing on the people around you? Are you doing things that makes you happy? It is easy to loose track of yourself in the daily life of family, friends, work and other challenges. It is important to get some Me-time in as well. Sundays has become my day. The day where I make sure I am focusing on me.

Today was a good day, not only because the sun was shining but I got so much out of the day. I woke up early as I always do, I did my workout and have a nice breakfast & my mushroom coffee, which tastes amazing. I cleaned the bathroom, I gave myself a tan and did all my laundry.

Sunday diary – April 11th 2021

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Since the weather was so nice, me and my roommates went for a walk and it was just what I needed. Some fresh air and sunshine. I have been using the Stepler App while I am out walking and for every step I take, I make points that can be converted into discounts and gift cards. I always have my phone on me so why not make a few bucks while I am out walking as well.

Fresh air is such an amazing reset for the mind and soul. Nothing beats it. I even got myself an Ice cream today, even though I am doing the 75 Hard Challenge. But the diet I am working with is as simple as following my macros which I am really good at. I have been eating a lot more the last few days, and also been cooking some interesting recipes. From Tiktok of course!

Some of my favorite self-love things to do on Sundays

  • Workout
  • Go for a walk
  • Cook something good for breakfast
  • Read a book
  • Face masks
  • Self tan
  • Clean my makeup brushes
  • Do laundry
  • Do some yoga
  • Watch a good movie
  • A guilty pleasure
  • Turn my phone off for a few hours

What are some things that you enjoy on Sundays?

Susn xo

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