Sunday Diaries

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Sundays are the best days. Its the day where I focus on nothing but self-care and calmness. Whether that is sleeping in, working out, reading, taking photos, or just watching Netflix. Its my day!

Enjoying a better breakfast, while the sun flowing in to the living room.

Protein Pancakes

I went to the gym first thing in the morning. I did 20 min pilates, some heavy booty work, 30 min cardio and then went for a 30 min walk outside in the sun. I don’t usually spend that much time in the gym, but I was just feeling it today. The gym is my meditation, a place where I am in full control and focused. I love to shape my body but the mental benefits from working out by far out weighs everything else.

Days like these fill me up. When I don’t have to answer to anyone, not even myself. I don’t have to do anything, unless I feel inspired to it. I can listen to music and podcasts and just let it be. I need these days to start fresh Monday morning. To collect myself and not to burn out or feel like I am stretch everywhere. I am not a person who gets energy from being around people but rather from being alone.

Write out plans when it comes to work, fitness and passions. What the goals are for the next week.

Do you need those kind of days just to yourself?

Susn xo

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