The Best Italian Pizza Recipe You Can Make At Home

I am a foodie. A big one. I go to the gym so I can eat, I admit it. Which is very frustrating these days when I cant work out how I wish I could. However, that is not what this post is about!

A year ago, I was visiting my best friend in Oslo and we met up with another friend and made some Italian style pizzas at home. This was the best Italian pizza recipe I had ever tasted. So like any other sensible adult, I stole the recipe.

I have grown up with a mother as a chef, a grandmother as a chef, and a lot of homemade food on the daily. I have found a man who loves to cook and is way more talented in the kitchen than I will ever be. I have been spoiled and I will always be spoiled when it comes to food. BUT, this pizza recipe has become my thing! The bottom is perfect, and the topping even better. I love having a white sauce with Serrano ham, some chili, and arugula, but you can put whatever topping you prefer. My man made amazing meat lovers with every meat he could think off so the options are endless.

Italian Pizza recipe

Italian Pizza – The Recipe

25g yeast
3 dl water
1/2 dl olive oil
400g white flour
1 ts salt

Mix it all togehter and let the yeast rise. While you wait around 20-30 mins for the dough to be ready you can make your topping. And put the oven on 230 celcius

White Sauce Topping

1 garlic piece
1 chili
1 box of cremé freshe (sour cream)

Chop it all up, mix it in with the cremé freshe.

When the dough is ready, roll it out and put the topping on. First the cremé fresh mix, then some serrano ham, some olives and whatever cheese you prefer. Bake the pizza on 230 Celcius for 8-10 minutes. When it has a golden crust it should be done.

Topp it off with arugula before serving, and there you go, the best Italian style pizza ever!

Enjoy xo

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