The tea on Salt Water Flush

I love testing out new things that can be good for my body, and the saltwater flush is one of them. Here I am testing it out, so I can give you the tea on saltwater flush. What it is and how it works.

the tea on salt water flush

What is the saltwater flush?

The saltwater flush is very easy. It is 2 teaspoons with either Himalayan salt or sea salt mixed with 32oz (ca 700ml) of water. I boil up some water and fill my cup with 1/3 of hot water so that the salt breaks down, then I fill it up with cold water. Then you chug it down in 5 mins. It is then supposed to work like a natural enema and flush your system for the next 2-4 hours.

Why do a saltwater flush?

So I did a lot of research before testing it out myself. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube where people share their experience, mostly in regards to weight-loss. That’s all sweet and dandy, but you got to keep in mind that since this is a flush, the weigh you are loosing is mostly water weight.

Drinking the saltwater mix starts up the body’s natural mechanism to start its detoxification process and eliminate toxins from your body. It is also a great way to kickstart the body before a new diet as it is supposed to help your digestive system. If you are struggling with constipation, the saltwater cleanse can help you in a natural way to get things going. However, if you have any health conditions, I recommend speaking to a doctor before you do this. Also, before trying anything you see on the internet, ALWAYS do your own research.

Natural cleansing the body

My experience with the saltwater flush

The cleanse is supposed to work best in the morning on an empty stomach so Tuesday morning I drank the mixture and waited to with high expectations. Nothing happened. I didn’t eat for 4 hours just to make sure it was getting time to do its thing. It was rather disappointing and instead, I got a headache. Bowel movement was the same as before.

So I tried again on Wednesday. I was able to chug down the mixture very quickly, it has a bit of a weird taste and you feel kind of full at the end of it. And I waited… 2 hours later I had to use the restroom, but nothing major to report. So I took my pre-workout and got my workout going instead. For some reason, the saltwater flush didn’t have any effect on me. I don’t really know what this means, maybe my system doesn’t need a flush at this moment. Maybe my body needed the salt? No clue.

Should you try it?

Since the salt water flush is a natural remedy, I don’t see anything wrong with trying it (unless you have conditions where you should not). If you struggle with constipation I would definitely try this out first, before using anything from the pharmacy. According to my research, everyone has a different outcome from it. I did not have the outcome I was hoping for or picturing but I don’t regret trying it. Just make sure you do the research and be safe.

Have a good week,

Susn xo

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