Too Early to Start Christmas Shopping?

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Is it too early to start Christmas shopping in November? I dont think so! With everything happening in the world we might as well be ahead of things and get it done early.

I have been working with an amazing brand called Infinity Bottles. These bottles are a perfect solution to be more environmentally friendly. In Norway, we have the luxury of drinking water from the tap but in other countries, you might not be so lucky. And let’s be honest, buying plastic bottles is a huge problem for our environment. These bottles will keep your drink both hot and cold depending on your needs and they look super chic.

The perfect Christmas gift
This cup is perfect for your morning coffee or tea

Considering that we are starting to take more responsibility for what we buy and what footprints we leave behind. Getting someone a gift like this would be perfect.

Christmas gift from Infinity Bottles

The bottles come in different sizes depending on your needs and you can buy extra accessories as well. If you start your Christmas shopping in November you can use my code ‘SUSN15’ you will get a discount on the checkout when shopping at

Susn xo

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