Visiting Kristiansand in Norway

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This weekend I spent some time visiting Kristiansand in Norway where my sister is living at the moment. Kristiansand is mostly known for being a beautiful southern city and for their zoo where the chimpanzee Julius lives. And also for the pirate Kaptein Sabeltann, which was a kids show and a theater play when I was growing up. And later years, for the festival Palmesus.

I know I have visited the zoo when I was really young, but it’s the first time visiting as an adult and it did not disappoint. It’s a beautiful city on the coast with a lot of history and old buildings.

I haven’t seen my sister in a long time since I have been traveling a lot and living in the US the last couple of years, so it was good to spend some time with her again. And what better way to enjoy a Norwegian summers day than with some shrimp and wine?

As a true adventurer, we spent Sunday walking around and exploring Flekker√ły which is one of the islands around Kristiansand. Walking through the forrest, finding wild animals and sitting in the sun listening to the ocean. An absolutely blast!

If you are ever planning to visit Norway, I highly recommend stopping by this city on the coast for a few days. Not only is the city beautiful and peaceful in itself, but there is also a lot of different activities and things to explore in the area.

Happy Summer xo

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