What is your Power of Positivity?

Hunkemöller just released their new collection, P.O.P – Power of positivity. It is a fun collection with functional and cute lingerie and lounge wear. Clothes you can use at home, feeling comfortable and doing something that bring you positivity. So what is your power of positivity?

The Power of Positivity collection.

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There is a lot of things that makes me feel good and sparks positivity but I think the most powerful one is to meditate. And that comes in two forms for me, sitting in silence and letting go of thoughts, or to beast it out in the gym. Either way, they work! I am far more consistent on the gym part, where I actively let go of everything and just focus on the task at hand. I do try to meditate often, but I become very restless and sometimes it has the opposite effect for me. So some days I can meditate for 10 mins, others only 2 mins.

In these trying times, I think it is very important to find ways to stay positive. Finding ways to appreciate the small things around us. Finding new ways to feel good, and focusing on your inner self and letting go of the things you cannot control. Do something that makes you smile whatever it may be. Whether it is watching a funny movie, scrolling on TikTok, or taking a nap. Like Nike says, Just do it!

Power of positivity

This collection is super soft, and fits so perfectly. It has so many amazing colors and designs. I absolutely love it! You have to check it out on www.hunkemoller.com. Get your favorite and share your P.O.P on Tiktok by using the #HKMPOP.

So what is your Power of Positivity? I would love to know in the comments <3

Susn xo

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